Award winning architect, writer, and artist, Lauri Matisse works with light and expressive use of line. Lauri attended Santa Monica College Art School and UCLA Extensions 1988-1996

     “My one word I use to describe my work is ‘trans…’ moving through, transforming or transcending; also having a transparent or translucent effect. 

      I consider myself a process artist. The process to me is more important than the finished art. I relish the process of making art as much as I hope to transport the viewer's soul to open their mind or heart, see things in a new light, or enhance their own life’s creative process. I love painting nature as well as making art  which exhibits social awareness.

        With my art, I work to weave a thread of redemption into the complex human journey. Making art has never been a luxury or a hobby. It has always been a necessity. If I'm not painting, I'm writing. If I'm not designing, I'm making music or film. I have shown art, sold art. burnt my art, painted over art, given art away. It’s all about making art. When it's used to contribute to society, this is my best form of art.”

Lauri works in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, pencil, charcoals, pastels, print-making, sculpting, installation, performance art including 'live painting' for fundraisers. Her favorite mediums are oils, watercolors, and etching. Her favorite method is impasto style painting. Her works are enjoyed by private collectors in the United States, France, England and Singapore and have been shown in museums, such as the Armand Hammer Museum, galleries, spiritual institutions, cafes and colleges. 

       She had a solo Art Show at the Western Nebraska Arts Center in 2017 called 'Mystikearth'. Her work has also been shown numerous times at Western Nebraska Community College.