Credentials: Film/Screenwriter/Playwright


Antisocial: Supernatural Teen Drama- One Hour Pilot (2011)
The Advisor: Crime Drama- One-Half Hour Pilot (2012)
Old Broads: Co-writer; Comedy-One Half Hour Pilot (2013)
April in Paris: Children’s Book and Animated Series: One-Half Hour Pilot (2013)

The Love Conception: Romantic Comedy- Feature Film (1999)
The Marble and the Moon: Magical Romance - Feature Film (2008)
The Paradigm: Supernatural Sci-Fi Thriller-Feature Film (2009)
String Theory: Magical Romance Fantasy -Feature Film (2011)
Red Drum: Supernatural Drama-Feature Film (2012)
Heart Beat - Short Film (2017)(Released) Writer/Producer
The Better High: Co-writer; Family Action Adventure-Feature Film (2014)(In Pre-Production)
Say Uncle - Family Comedy - Feature Film (2016)
Pink Blanket - Short Film (2016)

Hollow 2016 - Co-Producer

Eve The Musical - Musical Comedy (2015-2016)
Working on adapting some of my films into plays.

Writer’s Boot Camp; Santa Monica, California - Professional Development Membership Program-2yrs
Bivouac: Top Alumni Writer’s Boot Camp Invite Only Industry Development Program-3 yrs. Experience includes script development, script reading, script evaluation and script coverage.