Credentials: Writer

Lauri Matisse is a modern day Renaissance woman who aspires to “weave the thread of redemption into the complex journey of the human soul,” through her prolific work as an inspirational author, accomplished screenwriter, songwriter, visionary architect and acclaimed artist.

Her published book titles include, no more dark days, Walking Dead, and Eve’s Memoirs and the Passion of Jesus. She has published numerous children’s books, April in Paris, Awk Dawg ‘Pet Adoption Day’ and Cat’s Curious Capers ‘The Music From the Water', Doggin, Awk Dawg 2 'Up to Snuff.

Her first book, no more dark days was hailed by the Late Princess Diana of Wales. Lauri was interviewed on Sid Roth's TV show, "It's Supernatural" and Radio. The Passion of Jesus was a radio show that went to 2 million listeners on TBN and broadcast on shortwave radio from Greece to the Middle East.

Lauri attended numerous writing workshops over the past 30 years and attended creative writing courses at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Lauri hails from Los Angeles, is the mother of four beautiful children and currently resides in Scottsbluff.

She is also a Singer/Songwriter. Plays guitar and piano. Was in a Worship Band in Venice Beach California for 25 years. She has also written a 28 song Musical Comedy called 'Eve, The Musical.'